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Why would I give this all away right now? 

Because over the last few years, I’ve generated millions in sales for my own funnels using Facebook ads. Then my agency has gone on to produce amazing results for our clients running Facebook ads…to COLD traffic.

I’m known as the “King of Facebook Ads” – cheesy I know, but that’s what I get called and I speak 40 times a year at events around the world on how to scale campaigns and grow businesses with Facebook ads. And I do it consistently to COLD traffic —  audiences that don’t know you yet!

This is something most agencies and marketers simply cannot do. They’re good at remarketing to current customers, spending 1-2k a day, or converting leads sitting on warm email lists…

But they just don’t know how to get people who know nothing about the brand or company to buy something AT SCALE — meaning, they don’t know how to convince someone to buy something the FIRST time they see an ad.

This is what people mean when they say they’re ‘Scaling to Cold Traffic’. 

And only a few experts in the world can do it.

I’m one of them.

About Rudy Mawer


So now you’re probably wondering… how do we manage to stay profitable with our ads? While other ad buyers, business owners, agencies and marketers are struggling just to break even…

It really comes down to a few simple formulas and frameworks I’ve tweaked, optimized, and tested over and over again for the last 7 years until they proved to be SCALABLE…
We’re talking months and years of testing, spending thousands of dollars on ads for each campaign, and then pulling out the winners.
And Right Now, I’m Sharing ALL of That Data, Our Winning Frameworks, and My Implementation Strategy With YOU!

Here’s Your Chance to “Ethically Steal” Thousands of Dollars of Proprietary Agency Information PLUS My Ad Templates You Can Literally Copy Right Into Your Ads Manager!

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I’m basically giving you a free license to use my winning ad copy as inspiration for your ads, learn what goes into the same frameworks I’ve used to generate record sales, and use my templates as a guide to improve your chances of success!

What you’ll discover inside this masterclass is what’s working NOW on Facebook.

NOT a bunch of outdated strategies and tips that don’t work with Facebook’s most recent algorithm updates…

This could literally save you hours of headaches, frustration, and stress trying to figure out what will work.

And maybe even save you thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend!!

For the First Time Ever, I’m Giving Away All My Winning Strategies and Swipe Files in a 7 Day Ads Masterclass AND Coaching You LIVE!

Your Chance to Learn My Proven Methods for Converting Cold Traffic!

Once you get through the material in 7 days, you might be SHOCKED by what you discover…and learn how to implement exactly what I’ve done with my campaigns into your own ad accounts right away!

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Join Rudy LIVE for “Money Mondays” where he’ll share marketing strategies and tips for getting your offers to SCALE. Learn about ads and funnel optimization, industry trends, and more! The session ends with an open Q&A so make sure to come to the call with your marketing questions!



Join this 1-hour call to watch LIVE audits of ad copy and ad accounts as our expert marketers walk you through best practices and what’s working NOW on Facebook. We’ll show you winning ad creatives and each call ends with open Q&A.
Live Zoom Mockup


Hop on a 1 hour LIVE Zoom hangout with Rudy where he’ll pull back the curtain and reveal what’s working NOW to bring in sales and revenue with ads & funnels. There will be open Q.A with him at the end, so make sure to come with questions at the end to get the most out of these calls. 

PLUS you get access to ALL the call recordings so you can enjoy the trainings "on demand"!

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How many times have you lost sleep (and money) when launching an ad campaign…not knowing whether your ads will tank, break even, or actually work?

Now you don’t have to go through any of that! When you finish my 7-day masterclass, you’ll have the insider knowledge for creating and launching KILLER ads for virtually any offer.

All your ads can be modeled after the ads that outperformed probably hundreds of others during testing…

You’ll get my official winning Ad Swipes Vault loaded with ads you can use as inspiration for ideas, hooks and angles…

AND you can join the LIVE Coaching Calls to get your most burning questions about Facebook™ Ads answered — you can even get your ads audited live on the call to make sure you’re doing things right!

FINALLY! Learn How to “Plug and Play” Your Offer Using My Proven Ad Frameworks That Can Help You Generate More Sales!

Here’s Your Schedule For The Next 7 Days:


Day 1
The “Quick and Dirty” Avatar Identifier Method


One of the critical elements of a great ad is knowing your audience. If you’re not speaking directly to your ideal customer and communicating what pain point you solve for them, they’re going to keep scrolling. I’ll show you a “quick and dirty” method for identifying your avatar and their hot buttons so you can craft the most engaging and effective ads.

Day 2
High-Converting Ads for Ecommerce

Let me show you exactly what works — and what doesn’t — when you’re selling ecommerce products. There are 3 CRITICAL parts of a successful ecommerce ad that all brands and entrepreneurs need to know. I share those here, along with examples of high-converting product ads.

Day 3
Facebook Ads for High-Ticket Offers

Generating high-ticket sales from Facebook traffic isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you’re running an offer for a product at $497 or above, you NEED to know how to craft ads that convert quickly.

I’ll show you exactly what works for these types of offers, when to use short form vs. long form ads, and the #1 thing to avoid if you want your audience to book a call or make a big purchase.

Day 4
Facebook Compliance 101 – Keeping Your Account Safe

Don’t make the mistake of running ads that get disapproved…or get your entire Business Manager shut down with thousands in lost revenue!

If you’re running ANY type of make money, affiliate, MLM, weight loss/fitness, supplement, biz opp, or coaching offer, you NEED to know these dos and don’ts. This is what’s relevant and working RIGHT now — essential info you need to be successful at scale.

Day 5
High-Converting Facebook Setup & Creative

Let me show you exactly how to set up your ads in Ads Manager and keep track of the data points you need to make the best decisions with campaigns.

I’ll also walk you through my agency’s creative process, ad copy frameworks, and other strategies that will help take your ad creative to the next level!

Day 6
Rudy’s Super Scaling Methods
If your ads can’t scale and stop converting, or you want to make variations of winning ads, you need a STRATEGY that will get results you want. I’ll show you my PROVEN scale techniques to increase spend without compromising results. These are the exact same methods I’ve used to go to 5k, 10k and even 30k a day in spend with a profitable ROAS!
Day 7
Big Reveal: The Ultimate “Million Dollar Ads” Swipe File

Today’s your chance to go over 2 dozen examples of high-converting ads and see exactly WHY they worked so well.

Use these to model your own ads around and get some fresh ideas. It’s your opportunity to see what’s converting right now across dozens of niches!

And These 3 Amazing Bonuses!!

FREE BONUS #1: Rudy’s Disabled Ad Account Recovery Method!
To Some, This is Worth Over $1000 Easily… Yours FREE Today As A Special Bonus!

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a banned ad account. Compliance is becoming harder everyday, but, luckily for you I work directly with top compliance managers at Facebook. I will give you my customized RECOVERY EMAIL which has allowed us to restore dozens of ad accounts back with success. All you must do is input your ad account name, change one sentence and then hit send.

GOLDEN TICKET for a LIVE Training with Rudy!
Claim your FREE Golden Ticket to the next LIVE training with Rudy where he’ll be sharing the latest ads and funnels strategies working right now for his agency clients and his own offers. These LIVE interactive trainings are a great way to get your ads questions answered from the experts!
COMPLIMENTARY 1-1 Onboarding Call
Hop on a free call with one of Rudy’s Marketing Specialists to kick off your 7-day training and get situated. We’ll learn a little bit more about you and your campaigns so you can get the most out of this masterclass and learn how to get RESULTS.

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PROVEN Methods Working on Facebook Right NOW


7 Days of Intensive Training Material Plus Swipes

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All of This PLUS the 12 Coaching Calls
For One Incredibly Low Price...

And You're Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

Just One Small Payment of $27!





Do I need a funnel to be able to do this course?

Ideally, yes. You need a destination page to drive your Facebook ad traffic to. If you don’t have a funnel yet, you might drive traffic to a website or a storefront.

What industries/niches does this work for?

Virtually anything you want to sell online! Whether you’re selling baby clothes, healthy snacks, workout programs, digital courses, high-ticket coaching, or anything else online, you’ll learn how to create ad campaigns that attract and convert the BEST buyers.

This looks great but I’m lazy. Can you just make my funnel and ads for me?

Possibly! I recruit entrepreneurs for an exclusive Case Study program where my elite team and I write and design your entire funnel for you. This includes the sales page, upsells, Facebook ads and emails. AND I coach you on my methods (and other hacks and strategies) for a full 16 weeks. If this is something you’re interested in, head here to book a call and let’s see if it’s a fit.

How does the Satisfaction Warranty work?

If you’re not satisfied with everything I’m handing over to you in this course and all the bonuses after 30 days, I’ll give you your money back! You can even keep the course. Just submit a refund request to [email protected] after 30 days of your purchase.

How long does it take to get results?

Ideally you get through the course in 7 days and start applying what you learn right away. While I can’t predict results, I am 100% confident you’ll notice an improvement in your campaigns after applying what I teach. If for some crazy reason you don’t after 30 days, I’ll give you your $27 back!

Do I get lifetime access?

You get unlimited access to the whole program inside the Members’ Area! So you can review everything and make use of all the resources for as long as you want.

Will this work for SERVICE or IN PERSON businesses?

Yes 100%, you can use the tactics, strategies and swipes I share in this course for virtually any type of business. From ecommerce to high-ticket, my methods are designed to WORK!

What support do I have?

Feel free to contact [email protected] at any time with technical support and other questions.

The Top 10 Takeaways You’ll
Steal from This Masterclass…

The 3 emotional triggers that get almost any prospect begging for your offer. Once you know what these are, you’ll use them over and over again in almost ALL of your ads!

How to keep readers scrolling through long-form posts so they’re always HUNGRY for your product or service. You’ll be amazed how well this “used car salesman trick” works online.

The #1 headline mistake that can get your ad BANNED almost instantly. If you’re running offers for supplements or biz opp, you need to see this!

The biggest compliance MYTHS that prevent a lot of marketers from getting the best copy out there…and how to use this to your advantage.

The 5 things you MUST have in your video ads to get more eyeballs, shares, engagement and conversions. Get these five things right and watch how your audience responds!

The “Audience Shortcut” hack I use to build out high-converting audiences super fast — and with INSANE accuracy. Use this ninja technique and be amazed how well this works against your interest-based audiences! 

The right and wrong way to sell high-ticket offers on Facebook. Avoid the “Big 3” mistakes to keep those sales coming in even on cold traffic!

My “Emotional Trigger Matrix” that makes it DEAD simple to figure out what your prospects want. Use this simple formula to identify at least FIVE ad angles in less than 20 mins!

The “Hidden” Ads Manager hack that’s helped me scale ads faster than virtually any other agency out there. Use this rule every time you launch a new campaign and watch those profits multiply!

The Rapid Scale method I’ve used time and time again to keep my winning ads profitable for weeks, even MONTHS at a time! Master this one strategy and you’ll be able to scale virtually ANY account with confidence.

All of This PLUS the 12 Coaching Calls
For One Incredibly Low Price...

And You're Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

Just One Small Payment of $27!



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