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💰My Full High Ticket Video Sales Letter Template You Can Copy + Paste.

We normally charge $5000 to $10,000 JUST to create this for a client.

But instead, what I did was took my best VSL and put notes on every page. So you just have to edit it, slot in your key words, avatar pain points and a few other bits.

Right into the Google Slides I’m handing over to you with this package…

Plus… I recorded a full training on how to do this, how to edit it, and how to shoot it.

This VSL could be a game changer alone. I promise.

WARNING: Do Not Try & Close
High-Ticket Deals Without This!

Listen, I spent years trying to refine this system. I got so good I closed over 50% of my calls.

In fact, I got so good I nearly BROKE my business several times as I closed SO much and grew SO fast.

And, I had to work 18 hours a day to fulfiLl it.

One month, 3 of my staff nearly quit It got so ridiculous.

Good problems to have, right?

I’m giving you that SYSTEM.

Plus, proven high ticket funnels, a FULL Video Sales Letter (That is worth thousands alone – I’ve NEVER shared that in a course before).

And, a step-by-step battle tested script you can instantly use within your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling $3 products or if you’re a network marketer, a realtor, fitness professional, hair dresser…

You ALL need to MASTER high-ticket sales.

It’s how you close 2k, 5k and even 10k deals….

Think About It…How Do People in Your Industry Make $2000, $5000 or Even $10,000 Profit These Days?

I’ll tell you…

Ringing a few leads from a high-ticket funnel you’ve made yourself using my methods and closing a few $2000 packages.

But honestly, you need BOTH.

Even when you have a great frontend product, maybe sales are taking off!

Even then…

Most of the PROFIT is in the backend.


This is where the GOLDMINE is folks.


I’m giving you the TREASURE MAP 🗺 to lead you right there.

Here’s How Fast It Can Grow When You Get It Right With High Ticket…

And… I’ll Show You My System To Get There.

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No Rudy, I Don’t Want To Sell High-Ticket Packages With Your Proven and Tested System.
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