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There’s a way to ethically “steal” the strategies and ad swipes of one of the world’s top Facebook ads and funnel experts.

Because let’s face it.

Running ads on Facebook can be a risky gamble for a lot of entrepreneurs.

If you’re selling ecommerce products…digital courses…high-ticket coaching…or any type of product or service online…

You’ve probably been stressed out about:

So here’s the thing.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have access to...

The “Underground Secret” the World’s Top
Marketers Know About Facebook Ads…

When you’re trying to sell something online, Facebook Ads are a GREAT way to get your offer in front of the right audience.

What you might NOT know is why Facebook charges you different amounts for different offers…

Why it costs more to get your ads in front of certain people…

And most importantly, what types of ads are going to turn into SALES.

Most of this is “underground” information a lot of the world’s top media buyers and ads experts know.

And they only know this after testing thousands, even millions of ads and campaigns over several months, even years.

But for the average entrepreneur, it’s just not realistic to spend millions of dollars or do months of testing to gather data

The good news is…

I’ve done a LOT of that legwork myself in the past few years.

I’m Rudy Mawer, and as an entrepreneur and owner of an extremely successful agency, I’ve worked with big accounts that require a ton of ad spend.

And in order to make them profitable…

An keep my agency in business…

I HAD to figure out how to launch solid ad campaigns and SCALE them for my clients.

FAST and profitably.

I did it with my own offers and was very successful with it.

And now I’ve worked with hundreds of celebrities and high-profile clients over the years.

I also run the traffic for Tai Lopez brands


And as I’ve been busy working on these massive campaigns and testing probably hundreds of ads at a time…

I’ve figured out trends, patterns, and FRAMEWORKS to develop my own formulas.

The stuff that consistently works for my ad campaigns.

And now, for a limited time, I’m sharing it with the world in my 7-Day Ads Masterclass.

And it’s the ONLY Ads Masterclass where you can feel confident you’ll achieve better results with your ads and performance…or your money back!

Just imagine saying goodbye to “trial and error” campaigns costing you hundreds and thousands of
dollars a month...

Because you have access to over 50 of my winning swipe files combined with the PROVEN strategies and methods I’ve created after 
running over 17,647 ads!

It really comes down to a few simple formulas and frameworks I’ve tested and tweaked until they became SCALABLE…

We’re talking months and years of testing, spending thousands of dollars on ads for each campaign, and then pulling out the winners.







But where do you even start?

As We All Know, One of the Best Ways to Get
Ahead is to Model Success

And I’m not the only one who believes in cloning what works...


I’ve probably spent hours, weeks and months researching competitors and figuring out what’s working right now on Facebook.

And right now, I’ve compiled over 50 ad templates and swipes, along with my best frameworks, formulas and methods from testing over 17,647 ads, inside my...

7-Day Ads Masterclass

PLUS You'll Get LIVE Coaching on Facebook™ Ads 3x a Week with Me and My Team for the Next 30 Days!



Join Rudy LIVE for “Money Mondays” where he’ll share marketing strategies and tips for getting your offers to SCALE. Learn about ads and funnel optimization, industry trends, and more! The session ends with an open Q&A so make sure to come to the call with your marketing questions!


Join this 1-hour call to watch LIVE audits of ad copy and ad accounts as our expert marketers walk you through best practices and what’s working NOW on Facebook. We’ll show you winning ad creatives and each call ends with open Q&A.


Hop on this 1-hour call to join expert media buyers for a walkthrough of ad campaign setups, best practices for campaign optimization, budgets strategies, and other tips for getting your campaigns converting! Every call ends with open Q&A so you can get answers to questions or get a campaign audited LIVE!


Learn How to Run Ads That

Transform Into Sales

Start Running Ads ThatTransform Into Sales

Whether you’re selling info products, coaching programs, digital courses, supplements, or anything online…

Here’s your chance to learn how to get your ads DIALED IN with expert advice and training!
Mirror my giant stack of ad templates to create your own engaging, click-worthy ads for your offers.
 Apply what you learn in each of the video trainings. 
And get a leg up on your competition with BETTER ads!
Because the reality is…

One Bad Ad Campaign Could Cost You Thousands...But Just One Good Ad Could
Help You Turn Things Around!

What’s Included in My Exclusive
7-Day Ads Masterclass…


The “Quick and Dirty” Avatar Identifier Method

One of the critical elements of a great ad is knowing your audience. If you’re not speaking directly to your ideal customer and communicating what pain point you solve for them, they’re going to keep scrolling. I’ll show you a “quick and dirty” method for identifying your avatar and their hot buttons so you can craft the most engaging and effective ads.


High-Converting Ads for Ecommerce

Let me show you exactly what works — and what doesn’t — when you’re selling ecommerce products. There are 3 CRITICAL parts of a successful ecommerce ad that all brands and entrepreneurs need to know. I share those here, along with examples of high-converting product ads.


Facebook Ads for High-Ticket Offers (How We Sell 10k to 100k Offers Online)

Generating high-ticket sales from Facebook traffic isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you’re running an offer for a product at $497 or above, you NEED to know how to craft ads that convert quickly.

I’ll show you exactly what works for these types of offers, when to use short form vs. long form ads, and the #1 thing to avoid if you want your audience to book a call or make a big purchase.

Facebook Compliance 101 – Keeping Your Account Safe

Don’t make the mistake of running ads that get disapproved…or get your entire Business Manager shut down with thousands in lost revenue!

If you’re running ANY type of make money, affiliate, MLM, weight loss/fitness, supplement, biz opp, or coaching offer, you NEED to know these dos and don’ts. This is what’s relevant and working RIGHT now — essential info you need to be successful at scale.

High-Converting Facebook Setup & Creative

Let me show you exactly how to set up your ads in Ads Manager and keep track of the data points you need to make the best decisions with campaigns.

I’ll also walk you through my agency’s creative processad copy frameworks, and other strategies that will help take your ad creative to the next level!

Rudy’s Super Scale Methods (How to Grow Your Campaigns, FAST!)

If your ads can’t scale and stop converting, or you want to make variations of winning ads, you need a STRATEGY that will get results you want. I’ll show you my PROVEN scale techniques to increase spend without compromising results. These are the exact same methods I’ve used to go to 5k, 10k and even 30k a day in spend with a profitable ROAS!


Big Reveal: The Ultimate Ads Vault

Today’s your chance to go through over 2 dozen examples of high-converting ads inside the Swipe File. Reading these ads alone won’t be the key to success…this is why “copying and pasting” ads doesn’t always work! 

Use these ads as inspiration to craft your own ads for your offers. These are some of the BEST headlines, BEST copy, and BEST images we’ve created to date!

PLUS You'll Get LIVE Coaching on Facebook™ Ads 3x a Week with Me and My Team for the Next 30 Days!



Rudy’s Disabled Ad Account Recovery Method!


To Some, This is Worth Over $1000 Easily… Yours FREE Today As A Special Bonus!

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a banned ad account. Compliance is becoming harder everyday, but, luckily for you I work directly with top compliance managers at Facebook. I will give you my customized RECOVERY EMAIL which has allowed us to restore dozens of ad accounts back with success. All you must do is input your ad account name, change one sentence and then hit send.


GOLDEN TICKET for a LIVE Training with Rudy!


Claim your FREE Golden Ticket to the next LIVE training with Rudy where he’ll be sharing the latest ads and funnels secrets that generate millions for his agency and his own offers.

These LIVE interactive trainings are a great way to get your ads questions answered and see what’s working now.


COMPLIMENTARY 1-1 Onboarding Call

Hop on a free call with one of Rudy’s Marketing Specialists to kick off your 7-day training and get situated. We’ll learn a little bit more about you and your campaigns so you can get the most out of this masterclass and get RESULTS.

And Don’t Forget!
You’re Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!


If you apply what you learn in this course and you don’t see a significant improvement in your ads and performance (your ads don’t beat your current controls) after 30 days, I will give you the $27 back!

All of This, For One Incredibly Low Price!

And You're Protected By My 100%
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Easily a $1997 Course...

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If You Want to Crack the Code on Cold
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Right now, you can basically STEAL all my secrets and use my most effective strategies for a ridiculously low price.

I’m giving away my entire 7-Day Ads Masterclass PLUS my Disabled Ad Recovery Method for just $27.
Yes, $27. That’s not a typo!
With a FULL 100% Satisfaction Warranty!
This is a no brainer if you want to get ahead of your competition and learn how to start publishing killer ads that SCALE on Facebook.
It’s almost like I’m handing over the “keys to the kingdom” for converting cold traffic — the stuff marketers pay thousands of dollars to get access to via masterminds and exclusive groups.
And it’s ALL YOURS for just $27 right now!

100% Satisfaction Warranty


PROVEN Methods Working on Facebook Right NOW


7 Days of Intensive Training Material Plus Swipes

And Don’t Forget!
You’re Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!


If you apply what you learn in this course and you don’t see a significant improvement in your ads and performance (your ads don’t beat your current controls) after 30 days, I will give you the $27 back!

About Rudy Mawer

  • Built and scaled 3 independent, multi-million dollar businesses of his own
  • ​Voted Top 20 Entrepreneur and Featured in Yahoo Finance!​
  • Marketing online with Facebook ads since 2011
  • ​Helps generate millions in combined revenue for clients
  • ​​Business Partner & Investor With Tai Lopez
  • ​The go-to marketer for Celebs, Olympic Athletes, Movie Stars and High-Profile Brands
  • Recognized as one of the Top 5 Facebook Ads & Funnel Experts in the world


Do I need a funnel to be able to do this course?

Ideally, yes. You need a destination page to drive your Facebook ad traffic to. If you don’t have a funnel yet, you might drive traffic to a website or a storefront.

What industries/niches does this work for?

Virtually anything you want to sell online! Whether you’re selling baby clothes, healthy snacks, workout programs, digital courses, high-ticket coaching, or anything else online, you’ll learn how to create ad campaigns that attract and convert the BEST buyers.

This looks great but I’m lazy. Can you just make my funnel and ads for me?

Possibly! I recruit entrepreneurs for an exclusive Case Study program where my elite team and I write and design your entire funnel for you. This includes the sales page, upsells, Facebook ads and emails. AND I coach you on my methods (and other hacks and strategies) for a full 16 weeks. If this is something you’re interested in,  head here to book a call and let’s see if it’s a fit.

How does the Satisfaction Warranty work?

If you apply what you learn in this course and you don’t see a significant improvement in your ads and performance (your ads don’t beat your current controls), I will give you the $27 back!

Just show me what you did, screenshot your results from your Business Manager account, and send me your info. If you’ve done the work and just need some tweaks to your ad copy, I’ll even write the ad for you AND refund you so you can be on your way!

How long does it take to get results?

Ideally you get through the course in 7 days and start applying what you learn right away. While I can’t predict results, I am 100% confident you’ll notice an improvement in your campaigns after applying what I teach. If for some crazy reason you don’t, I’ll give you your $27 back!

How long does it take to get results?

You get unlimited access to the whole program inside the Members’ Area! So you can review everything and make use of all the resources for as long as you want.

Will this work for SERVICE or IN PERSON businesses?

Yes 100%, you can use the tactics, strategies and swipes I share in this course for virtually any type of business. From ecommerce to high-ticket, my methods are designed to WORK!

What support do I have?

Feel free to contact [email protected] at any time with technical support and other questions. 

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